Sunday, 12 August 2012

Feliz Dia del Nina!

When my girls were much younger, each year on Mother's Day and Father's Day they would ask, "When is it Children's Day?"  And we would always answer that every day is Children's Day.  But here in Argentina, Dia del Nina - the Day of the Child or Children's Day, is the second Sunday in August, which is today.  All week all of the stores have had displays of toys and games in the windows.  Even the hardware store down the street, that usually has mops and buckets in the front window, has had board games on display. 

In Plaza San Martin, the big square downtown, there have been different children's shows on all week.  Yesterday, there was a fair about recycling paper with traditional music and dancers.  The day before that it was a dancing troupe and jugglers.

Recycling Festival

Recycling - Argentina style!

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