Thursday, 16 August 2012

No place like home

I'm heading back to Canada for six weeks for work and to visit friends and family.  Then back to Argentina in late September til Christmas. John was going to come home with me, but now he has to stay here for another week and a half to finish up inventory here and in Buenos Aires.  Unfortunately, we only had this apartment booked until August 17, and someone else has it rented after us, so we have to clear out tomorrow.  John will be staying back at the hotel til Tuesday then going to Buenos Aires. 

When I get back in late September, we may still be in Cordoba, but most likely will be moving back to Buenos Aires.  I'll just have to wait and see, but being patient is not one of my strengths.  One of the things I'll be bringing back with me is an oven thermometer.  The ovens over here are tricky to light - you need a match, and then once you light them, the only temperature is 290C (550F) degrees.  Which is fine for making a pizza, but I need some way of monitoring the temperature if I want to do any baking.  And I do!

In the meantime, I went downtown to buy a notebook since I've started working on a number of projects for the 2012 - 2013 school year and need somewhere to keep all my notes together.  Plus, a notebook will be a souvenir I can use every day.  As I walked towards to the Puento Olmos bridge, I noticed a helicopter hovering overhead, and two buses stopped on the bridge.  Turns out there was a big protest parade with hundreds of people marching, carrying flags and banging drums. 

Another Day, Another Protest

John and I wanted to go for a special dinner, just in case we don't end up back in Cordoba together, to celebrate the time we've had together here.  So we went to San Honorato.  If you are ever in Cordoba, be sure to check it out.  A beautiful old historic building with huge ceilings and old brick walls. Once we arrived and ordered our meals, the waitress told us that we could help ourselves to appetizers in the wine cellar.  We went downstairs to the wine cellar where the owner offered us a glass of wine and we could help ourselves to pate, grilled vegetables and other yummy things!  We were chatting with a father and son from Texas who were there also, and before we knew it, it was time to head upstairs for dinner.  Delicious!

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