Monday, 26 November 2012

Cordoba Street Art

After enjoying the Buenos Aires Street Art tour so much, I was delighted to find that our new neighbourhood just outside Barrio Guemes is home to a wide range of street art as well. 

On the way to the grocery store we walk past this large mural on Duarte Quiros, directly across from the police station.  It starts with a grandmother knitting with red yarn and she is one of the Abuelas de 25 de Mayo, the Grandmothers of the 25 of May, who gather each Thursday to remind everyone that their children and grandchildren are still among 'the disappeared' from The Dirty War.   A long piece of red yard winds its way through the faces of some of the missing and is picked up by a young woman.  I think that she represents the young people of today picking up the duty to remember from the elderly woman. 

These are a few of the pieces on our block (Artigas 400 block):

Including this one, which is our view from the balcony and our bedroom window.

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