Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Downtown....where all the people go....

Yes, I have Petula Clark's song echoing in my head.  John and I returned to Buenos Aires for a few days last week, then flew into Cordoba on Sunday night to check into our latest home away from home.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, every time he leaves Cordoba for more than a few days, he gives up his apartment and we have to pack everything up and move somewhere new.  Es una molesta!

Our last apartment was lovely but out on the edge of the city.  We were both excited to see our new place which is located only a ten minute walk from downtown.  And so far, we love it! It has a big open kitchen, which is almost unheard of in Argentina, a lovely living/dining room with a big storage unit, a big bedroom with a large closet, a nice updated bathroom with separate vanity area, a washing machine and a nice sunny balcony.  This place actually is much nicer than the photos. We've unpacked all of our stuff and still have several empty cupboards.  Plus, this place comes with a weekly cleaning service.

Big open kitchen with oodles of cupboards; Reading Nook and kitchen stools
(the two reading chairs each unfold into single beds)
Living/Dining Room/Office; and our Bathroom and vanity area

A laundry nook just off the kitchen
Bedroom and balcony overlooking leafy street

Best of all, it's in a lovely neighbourhood with parks and shops and only a short walk to lots of really good restaurants.  On Sunday night, we went for a stroll downtown to Alcorta for dinner and happened upon a band playing old disco hits outside Paseo.  At first I thought it was a school band but then John pointed out several elderly gents in the front row.  Some sort of community band, I guess, playing YMCA in downtown Cordoba. Then on our way home there was a couple dancing the tango for an appreciative audience in the downtown square.  Only in Argentina! 

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