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Last Saturday morning, John and I went on a quick day trip to Villa Carlos Paz with Jose and Claudina.  In the Lonely Planet guidebook, they describe Carlos Paz as, ' a mix between Vegas and Disneyland, this lakeside getaway is dotted with theme hotels and centered around a massive cuckoo clock.'  Our driver took us on the scenic route called The Road of 100 Curves, and we stopped to see a dam and some roadside souvenir shops.  I thought my dad would really enjoy all the souvenirs made of cowhide - coasters, blankets, bags and all sorts of things.
Riding the Aerosilla

When we got to town the driver dropped us off at the Aerosilla, a chairlift that takes you to the top of the hill so that you have a view of the whole city.  However, we didn't get there until noon, and the chairlift is closed from 12:30 - 3 pm in the afternoon, so we only had time for a quick ride up, took some photos and then back down again. 

The giant cuckoo clock

We walked into the town for a leisurely lunch, and then headed downtown to all the shops. Except that 75% of the shops were closed from 2 - 5 pm - frustrating!  We did some souvenir shopping, stopped in an arcade, went to see the giant cuckoo clock and then decided to head back to Cordoba for drinks and dinner.  "A mix of Vegas and Disneyland" was definitely oversell.  I'd say more like a typical beachside town that gears up for summer tourists and is sleepy for the rest of the year.  Like Jersey Shore in the States or Grand Bend in Ontario - arcades, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.

About a month ago, we went on a day trip to Villa General Belgrano with two of John's coworkers. It is a town with a strong German heritage but since we were there in November, we missed their big Oktoberfest  celebration.  Instead, we wandered in and out of the souvenir shops that were open (it was Sunday so many of them were closed) which all seemed to sell beer steins and other German themed merchandise.  The restaurants all advertised artesianal beer or artesianal ice cream or both.  It was very odd to be sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Argentina eating sauerkraut, wurst, and drinking German beer while being served by a Spanish speaking waiter. 

A little bit of Germany in Argentina

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