Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Afternoon at the Movies

A friend recently clued us in that many of the American movies here in Cordoba are shown in English with Spanish subtitles while others are dubbed in Spanish.  I had just assumed that they would all be dubbed - and you know what happens whenever you assume anything.

This morning after breakfast we went onto the Hoyts cinema movie listing website and checked out the movies playing within walking distance of our apartment at either Patio Olmos mall or Nuevocentro Mall.    We clicked on the movies that we wanted to see and if it said SUBTITULADA then the movie is in English with Spanish subtitles.  Sure enough, there was a 1:00 pm showing of Skyfall with subtitles, so off we went. 

Bond, James Bond

When we paid for our tickets, the cashier pulled out a map of the theatre and we were to choose where we wanted to sit.  Our movie tickets were for seat G4 and G5 - assigned seating just like a Broadway theatre or a musical concert.  Even though the theatre was nearly empty, everyone who came in dutifully checked their tickets and sat in their assigned seats.  Tickets were $38AR each, approximately $7.50C, about the same as at home.

John slipped out before the movie began to get some popcorn and a pop, although he could have had  beer as the snack bar had beer for sale as well.  He was so excited to have some nice salty, buttery popcorn.  As the movie started, he turned to me and said, "You're not going to believe this.  Taste it."  I've mentioned before that Argentinians seem to really like sweets.  This was no exception.  We looked at the side of the bag and it said "con azucar" - with sugar.  Popcorn with sugar.  Not exactly what he had been expecting.  But then the movie started and we got caught up in the adventures of James Bond, Q and M. What a great way to spend the afternoon.


  1. love love love reading about all your adventures!!!! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!!!
    Joanne Cranston

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Rob and I discovered going to the movies abroad as well. Same thing applies in Europe about the subtitles... and the popcorn. However, you can usually choose between salty and sweet.
    We both loved Skyfall - saw it in Vienna. Hope you enjoyed the show.


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