Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Daily Schedule

Even though I'm on vacation, I like to have a daily schedule.  In Buenos Aires, I would start my day with a trip to the gym in our building every other morning, breakfast in the flat, shower and work on my course.  Once my work was done, I'd head out to explore the city, picking up groceries if necessary, and returning to the flat when it started to get dark around 5 pm (it is winter here, after all).  When John would get home from work, we'd get cleaned up and head out for dinner. Since BA is such a tourist town, it was easy to find lots of great restaurants that were open by 8:30 pm.

Cordoba is different and my schedule is not working anymore!  I have to get out of the mindset of doing my work first and then heading out for the afternoon.  The problem is that most stores in our neighbourhood close down for an afternoon siesta.  By 2:30 pm everything from variety stores, fruit and vegetable stalls, the dry cleaners, and even the hair salon is closed for the afternoon. 

The market across the street -
"Open Monday to Saturday
8:00 to 2:00;   5:00 to 9:30
10:00 to 2:00"

This morning John had a driver picking him up at 5:30 am for a ride to the airport.  He is heading back to Buenos Aires, returning tomorrow night around 8 pm.  We decided to go out for dinner last night, and headed out 'early' since he had to be up to early in the morning.  The first restaurant, San Honorato, was locked tight and inside we could see that they were just beginning to set up for the evening service.  It was 8:25.  We went to three other restaurants, all locked tight, until we finally found a parillo (BBQ) place around the corner from our apartment that was open. I think they may have unlocked the door early by accident, but they let us in.  The staff were still folding napkins and setting glasses on the table, and had only begun to get the BBQ going, so we thought we'd better order a salad as it might be awhile before dinner was ready.  Did I mention that it was almost 9 pm by the time we finally found an open restaurant?  And that we were the only customers until about 9:30?  I'm not sure how long it is going to take to adjust to this schedule - it may be a very long time.

Late night dinner at El Patio Parrilla - salad, grilled vegetables and beef.
There was a cutting board in the middle of the table, and they served John's steak and my beef medallions
on the cutting board, so neither of us had a plate. 

Maybe that's why all the shops close down for the afternoon. Everyone needs to go home and have a nap so they can stay awake for dinner at 10pm.  I think we may start having more meals at home; it's just too hard to wait til 9 pm to head out for dinner.  And I don't have to work in the morning! 

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