Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welcome to Cordoba - Sorry We're Closed

John and I took the bus from Buenos Aires to Cordoba on Saturday. Since it was the beginning of spring break, the buses were extra busy.  Our driver took us to the bus station, and it was packed.  Over 50 gates, with double decker buses coming and going every few minutes.  Trip Advisor said that buses in Argentina are nicer than most trains in North America.  That was a bit of an overstatement.........our bus was OK but no VIA 1! 

We arrived around 9:30 pm, checked into the Windsor Hotel, and went down to the bar for dinner. Our hotel is very nice, but quite a change from apartment life.

Sunday morning we had a great breakfast in their breakfast room, and then decided to head out for a walk and check out the city. Turns out that the only thing open on a Sunday in Cordoba is church.  Tons of churches, broadcasting mass on loudspeakers, but everything else was closed tight.  We enjoyed looking at all of the gorgeous buildings and amazing outdoor art.  Guess we'll check out the local shops and restaurants another day.

Beautiful mosiac and ironwork on one of the church domes

Another amazing church with wicked gargoyles

I didn't think this was possible, but there are more stray dogs in Cordoba than in BA.  They dig holes in the parks to sleep in, and follow around tourists, hoping for scraps. This one decided I was his new friend.

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