Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Arrival Day!

Getting here was an adventure - my flight in Detroit was delayed for an hour, which meant that I was one of those people you see running through the airport to make my next flight.  Luckily I made my connection in Atlanta but many other people did not.  The plane was supposed to be about 90% full, but was almost half empty.  Since the three seats in the row across from me were empty, I hopped over there just before takeoff so I could build myself a little cot for sleeping.  Sitting across from me was a young plastic surgeon from LA who was travelling to Buenos Aires for a medical conference to learn more about butt implants. Apparently that's the rage in LA - everyone wants butt implants or a butt lift so they can look like Jennifer Lopez. 
Was astonished that my luggage made it on the plane since I barely made it on the plane, but it was there on the carousel when I got through all the customs stations.  My driver was waiting and in no time we arrived at Dazzler Flats. 
The flat is basically a big, long studio apartment. The kitchen has a bar fridge with freezer, a microwave and a two burner stove.   The bathroom window looks out onto the neighbour's balcony and living room window, which means if they are in their living room or on the balconcy, they are looking into our shower.  So I improvised a bathroom curtain with a scarf that I brought along. 

It's been a cold and rainy first day in BA.  After a nap and a shower, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and only got lost once or twice.  Found a market around the corner and picked up a few groceries.  When I got back, the cleaning ladies were just finishing cleaning the apartment.  It took a bit of pointing and a book with pictures, but they were finally able to tell me that they would bring dos toallas (two towels) in uno horas (one hour).  Hopefully my Spanish improves quickly.

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  1. Sherry Doherty5 July 2012 at 15:27

    Sounds like a great start. Hope you have an awesome vacation? xo Sherry


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